November 4, 2010

Buckles + Buckles Rehearsal


This little bouquet needed a little practice for the big day. It did an amazing job and it's brightness stood the test in the quick setting sun. Here are a few photos from the night before the big day.
Joy and love was definitely the theme.
Can you believe these eyes. She did such an amazing job!
The love and support you both have will last forever. You are truly a blessed couple.
They practiced into the setting sun, and seeing this did offer some hope for the weather the next day.
After rehearsal it was off to the celebration of the evening. By the time we made it to the plaza it was rainy and getting cold. Kansas City's true fall weather.
It was an amazing diner at Cafe Trio on the Plaza.
IMG_0092 proof
This was such a cute idea. They made a cute little crossword puzzle with questions about the couple inside for everyone to fill out.
IMG_0094 proof
The favors and food were amazing. It was a wonderful way to enjoy the evening. Thank you Buckles and Buckles!


Anonymous said...

Fabulous captures, Tricia. I love the faces, all of them. There is a lot of love and wisdom there. Beautiful rehearsal, and I am sure that the wedding was even lovelier!

Chandra said...

Awwww! Just beautiful!

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