November 15, 2010

Buckles + Buckles "M Bop'd down the aisle"

What a wonderful amazing couple. Michelle and Patrick who's first date was a topic of discussion at the rehearsal dinner the night before. Was it Banana Joe's or was it the speedway?
I feel so fortunate to have been there for your special event. We had weather, wind, lightning and some yucky rain but you did it! You had your wedding outside at Unity Village during an amazing sunset.
You looked nothing less then Beautiful.

IMG_0034 hair

The dress was dazzling! Absolutely Dazzling.
blog dress
I love this picture and all the emotion it offers. Every little girl dreams of her wedding day and having their friends there to help and share the love they feel that day.

Picture perfect!

Unity  - I couldn't have said it better myself!


Yep, they kissed. It's official!

Patrick totally surprised Michelle with their song as they walked down the aisle. M'Bop was played as they literally walked out into the sunset.

Location: Unity Village Lee's Summit
2nd Photography by Chandra Eidson


shannonleefotography said...

They are STUNNING.....I mean it STUNNING!!! Great job Tricia!!!!!

Life with Kaishon said...

I LOVE her dress. Love so much it is crazy. What a gorgeous dress! Stunning!

Chandra said...

This makes me all warm and fuzzy inside! :)

Janae Branning said...

Great job sis!!!!!!!!!!

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