July 27, 2010

Near and Dear to my heart

This family is VERY close to my heart. Mom and I grew up together, and our parents are still the best of friends. Taking these pictures made my heart swell. I always feel such an honor to take pictures anyways so, these were special.

This is Mr. Jacks - he and my little Max I am sure will conquer the world at some point!

This is his darling little sister, we are so glad she joined the family.

This is mom and dad.

A bond that will always be.

Jazzy your true beauty shows inside and out! Aunt Bec and Uncle Mike should be very proud of you!
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I love the laughter in these photos, the true joy in your hearts shows.

Thank you so much for letting me capture these awesome moments! And, this last photo is how I feel too. We just don't see each other enough!

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Ali Brown said...

I know that it's supposed to be a sad face, but that last image really made my day...Way to go for keepin' that shutter button pressed :) Awesome!!!

Mindy said...

These are FANTASTIC Tricia! I always LOVE checking out what new photos you have to share! Love these and the story to go with them... what little cuties. Such a beautiful family!

Life with Kaishon said...

Gorgeous family Tricia!!! Laughed out loud at your ending. So creative.

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