July 25, 2010

Baby Love

Meet Lane. He's a Catbacker! Those of you who aren't from the midwest probably aren't sure what I'm talking about. He's a future line backer for K-State, even if he doesn't know it. This little boy is so cute, I promise he was laughing at me until I picked up my camera! Go Figure! We ended up with some great photo shoots! Here's your sneak peek!
facebook lane hershie 3
facebook lane hershie 2
Look at those eyes would ya? Holy cow! I mean Cats!
facebook lane hershie 1
I call this one the O my gosh, u again face!

And, J- I know you weren't crazy about being in the pictures. Sorry, the emotion here is important. Because, they don't stay this size for long enough. I'm just glad I was there to capture it!
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Savannah said...

Ohhhh these are beautiful Tricia!!

Anonymous said...

ohhhhh.. seriously? Those are amazing! His eyes are gorgeous, and his expressions are priceless. Love the one where his little eyebrow is arched and the one of him and mom where he's holding his foot. Love them all, actually...

Life with Kaishon said...

Such an adorable baby. Delicious!!

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