March 14, 2009

Fix it Friday

As you are all aware I Love taking pictures and I Love Fix it Friday at I heart Faces!  This weeks photo was another great shot. There wasn't alot of work to be done other than just playing around with different options. I really am a sucker for eyes and love fixing them up. Here is the original photo.

The Original

Edit 1

I boosted up the contrast. I did unsharpen the eyes and burned the edges a little. Then I used the vibrant setting on CS4. That was all I did.

Edit 2

You all know how I feel about an amazing black and white. I changed the photo to B&W then bumped up the exposure.

Edit 3

This one was just for fun. I added back in a little color on her eyes and cheeks. She has amazing eyes and it shows here. I had to turn the opacity way down when I added back the color.

Edit 4

This one I just cropped and used the guasian blur on 11. Then erased her eyes to make the the focal point. It's my favorite!

I'd love to hear your thoughts.


Shae said...

very nice. I like the crop on the last one.

iHeartFaces said...

These are all gorgeous! I really love the first B&W one ~ it looks so soft and beautiful.

co-founder of iHeartFaces

Anonymous said...

I love your edits but I also wanted to say that I love your header photos of the tutus. Too cute!

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