March 1, 2009

Fix It Friday

This site is great! They have a Fix- It Friday event that is really fun. You can really learn alot on here about different editing options.

Here's the original Photo curtosey of My Mindless Musings.

I went simple here because this photo was originally great! I used the healing brush to cover any blemishes then I highlighted the eyes a little bit here and accented her eye lashes by using the burn tool. Then I converted it to basic black and white and increased the brightness and contrast to my liking! I am a sucker for a great black and white!

Here's my version:


Hi, I'm Amy! said...

I totally can't remember where I discovered the "i heart faces" blog, but more than likely it was from here :) So, thanks! And I love your fix to that picture, although I agree that it was pretty dern good to begin with! Those eyes are AMAZING and I can hear that baby blowing a little raspberry!

Lorrie Veasey said...

OMG-what can you do with a random candid shot on the beach? Be on the lookout for me in a swimsuit and we'll test your super fixin powers.

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