November 1, 2010

A Fall Portrait Party

This was my first time doing this and it was so much fun! And what amazing weather we had. So lucky for the middle of October.

This is my hostess and my dear friend I Love this photo of them. The sun flare was perfect!
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This is one of their little princesses! I took her pictures after she was born! She's now 3 years old!
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This is Grace and this photo is truly her!
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And this is their oldest! She has grown up so much.
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If you can't tell, I puffy red heart them!

The following are some other families that were involved in the party. Some I've known for E.V.E.R and some are new!
WRIGHT facebook 2
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It was a wonderful day and a wonderful party!
If you are interested in hosting a portrait party I will be happy to answer any questions! And remember, the winter weather doesn't mean you can't take a picture!

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HealthyMommy4MyGirls said...

Tricia, thank you so much, the party was such a great idea! The weather couldn't have been more perfect and your pictures were flawless. I did not think Claire would do well but she had so much fun and really got into it! The other girls loved it as well, no surprise there with the way they love to pose :-). Mike was happy as well. I LOVE the picture of him and I, the only picture we have of us since our engagement picture 11 years ago! The location was so easy, and very perfect for family pictures. It was so easy to email my friends and have them email you times that they could be available that day. It all worked out so well. You are so very talanted and I am always amazed at the different pictures you do, from babies to Seniors to families, you are the BEST!!! I couldn't wait to get our very first pictures of our family of 5 with you, and of course you did not disappoint!Thanks again so much, the party was a perfect idea!

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