August 1, 2010

The S Family Sneak Peek

Sometimes when I go on photo shoots I get just a little nervous. Mostly because I want to do my best. This time I was nervous because I had never meet the family I was shooting. My client went to high school with Chase, so he came with me. I felt so comfortable after meeting Dana and her husband Charlie. Their kids are adorable. One of my favorite things is getting to know the family during the session. I learned a Lot! They both were in the service and are Brilliant! She's a Civil Engineer and he's a Mechanical Engineer. It was an honor to take pictures of your beautiful family! I hope next time we are all in the same area we get to talk more!



I love this picture. I love the fact that big brother is looking very protective of his little brother.

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There are so many more to come!


Life with Kaishon said...

What a beautiful family Tricia! Just gorgeous. I love the protective brother picture too. So sweet!

Chandra said...

That little girl looks like she could handle her big brothers! Ornery I tell ya!

Great pics!

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