April 14, 2010

B's Family

This is Blake! He is my dear friend B's son. He's AdoreABLE and 7. And, now he wants to be a photographer! He doesn't want for much, just a camera like mine!
FB Proof 4
This is his sister! She just turned 16 yesterday. Mom is a full time nurse and I'm not sure how she does everything she does! She's a wondermom and I love that she's on my team and my friend. If you had to have a nurse it would be her!
FB Proof 3
fb Proof 2
FB Proof 1
Love this one!
Thanks for making me part of the family guys! xoxo!

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Life with Kaishon said...

Oh! I love, love, LOVE the pictures with the sunglasses! They look like very sweet children :) Just as cute as can be!

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