March 22, 2010

I Heart Faces ~ Angles

I heart faces "Angles". This week when I previewed what this week's challenge was I was a little perplexed. I love Angles, views of the same photo can be shot so many different ways. It's one thing about photography, everyone has a different angle.

I took this photo on March 14th at our local St. Patrick's day parade. Max was enthralled with the sirens, candy, and normal excitement that comes with the parade. But this picture is him watching his sister walk in the parade. I love the angle I caught him at. His profile is a little smug.
i heart faces-angles
I'm not really sure a 4 year old understands why he can't participate in everything she does. Sometimes the way they fight you wonder if they even like each other. But the wonder is part of being on the outside looking in. Which is precisely what I was doing here.
Happy shooting! Click on the I heart Photo image below to play along or view all the other awesome photos!


Dot O said...

Love this! Love the angle and the intensity of the color!

Taylor said...

Great angle! I love your post processing.

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