February 21, 2010

I heart Faces ~ Hands On!

This photo was taken about 2 weeks ago. I love that Max is so Wowed by the Paint on his fingers. I love that both of their hands are in the picture. I love the blue paint in Max's hair. They love hanging out with each other and they are growing up way too fast. I wish there was a way to slow it down.

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Erin Nicole Photography said...

Love those messy hands!

Taylor said...

Wonderful shot! Love those eyes.

dsr said...

I love photos like this! So cool!

Punk Rock Mom said...

love the hair but those eyes are amazing!

Corinna Hoffman Photography said...

Love the colors! :)
PS-thanks for the blog love!

Becca said...

Oh what a cool entry! I love how you focused on the eyes, but the hands are still such an integral part of the story -- great shot! :-)

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