August 5, 2009


I would love this... I would absolutely love this lens. And, this month is my birthday month! What an awesome birthday gift that would be!


Chandra said...

Do I need to plant a little seed in your hubby's ear??

drewmark19 said...

I hope you win it! I think there are a ton of people waiting to hear who will get to snag this great prize. I entered, but beings I'm Angie's sister, I think my chances of winning are 0%. :) I do have my hubby talked into buying a different Tamron lens, possibly soon. Hopefully he doesn't change his mind before I find it in the store! :) Best wishes in the contest!

Anonymous said...

I hope by now you know I wouldn't steer you wrong when it comes to photography gear, even though you use that "C" brand! ;) But, if you're looking at this for a working lens, I'd strongly recommend against it. If you're looking for a all-in-wonder vacation lens, it should be fine. But for the work you do, it's not that great. It's slow to focus. It has very noticeable distortion across the entire zoom range. And for portrait work, you're not going to get very good DoF control as it's minimum aperture is 6.3 starting at about 120mm if I recall. Might have been close to 180, it has been a while. Edge sharpness was really bad at full wide and full zoom. Stopping down to f8 or higher helped, but at that, you're going to miss a lot of low key shots. It has a lot of nice features at a great price, but they just crammed too much to keep the quality up. But hey, check the 'net for some more professional reviews. I just checked it out one afternoon in the local shop.

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