July 31, 2009

Fix it Friday

This weeks fix it Friday!

Original photo:

I realized after I was done I forgot to fix the little blemishes on her cute little face. However, I like the natural look it gave it. I also think I'd would like a burnt edge look for this one but I have yet to master that so if anyone is willing to share that tip send it my way please!

(All my photos are on flickr so if you click the actual picture you can see it in a larger size.)
Here's my first edit

B & W

Color Wash

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Tiffany Walensky said...

Very nice, I like the crop.

Ryree said...

I really like the 3rd one...the tiny hint of color looks great!

niartist said...

Fantastic edits, and I love how you made them large so that we could really see the detail of your softening. I'm new to photoshop editing, so I'm learning so much today! Thank you for your inspiratonal edits. Oh, and your header image is beautiful!

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