May 1, 2009

I ♥ Faces fix it Friday!

It's time for I ♥ Faces fix it Friday!

Here are my photo edits this week. I love this day! Learning is so fun!
Here's the original photo! And what a cute little boy!

Here's my first edit:
iheartphoto 12-1

Here's my second:

Here's the last one:

Click over here to look at all the rest of the great amazing edits. And click here to see one of amazing duo that started this amazing journey we are all on together! click here to see the other. Thanks Girls you Rock!


drewmark19 said...

Neat fix. I love how the background is so white and the flipping of the photo gives it a totally new look!

Tess said...

I really like that last one the best! Nice work!

AJ said...

Looks good!

Bethany Haile Photography said...

Good idea to flip it. I hadn't thought of that and drewmark is right, it totally changed the picture. I like your black and white!

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