May 28, 2009

Every girl Photog's dream

This my friends is every girls dream. I am a huge bag lady! I love a cute bag. I will go to the extreme to get one! I heart faces is so fortunate to know this person here. She is giving us the chance to win one of these bags this week. OMG, I know exactly which I would pick. I would pick the black bag with this pattern.


The pattern is Maddie Pink Stripe! And, since I have a Maddie at home I think it would be a perfect pick. I would want the black Joey bag for my Canon !How cute! If I however do not win this contest I will more than gladly take one of these for my upcoming birthday in August! (hint, hint wink wink hubby). I have been a follower of prop insanity's blog for a while know and she is brilliant! I think I'll be bookmarking  this site as well! 
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